Saturday, 16 July 2011


It's the summer holidays, and after two blissful weeks of spending time with my family and friends, crocheting, going to the gym and general pottering (as well as all the other things I rarely have time to do in term time), I feel my mind has cleared (somewhat!) and I can focus more on life outside teaching. Yes, it does take me this long to 'switch off' and adjust to an unstructured day.

I absolutely love my job, but  now teaching is at the back of my mind rather than the forefront. So in the misty recesses of my head, thoughts have been ticking over about this blog. It's been over a month since I started it, yet there's only one post published. Just why did I start it? I have 3 draft posts saved that I've not been brave enough to publish - it seems as soon as I write something, someone else does it better! For example, I wrote about my views on handwriting, and then saw this. My other drafts are frankly just havers (a very appropriate word).

So, what is the purpose of this blog? It's not primarily to share my views with the world, but to reflect on my teaching and experiences as a teacher in an attempt to become better. So why put it on the internet? I've realised then that this blog is like an online diary,  with the hope of becoming part of an online community of teachers and educators and sometimes getting feedback.

I think I need to be more specific in my ramblings, and blog about what I've been up to, and reflect on that. Of course I do have views on big issues, but I need to focus on my experiences and how they relate to these. I think I perhaps need to stop pondering quite so much, and just write!

So, once I get to the stage of my summer holiday when I'm planning for re-entering the world of education, I hope to post a great deal more. I have many exciting challenges awaiting me at the beginning of term, and in fact, just writing this post has started that ticking again in those misty recesses.... Hope you come back to see what I uncover!

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