Saturday, 11 June 2011

In the beginning...

So I've decided to start keeping a personal blog. I've kept simple wee blogs before, with the aim of sharing bits and bobs of ICT related teaching resources for school staff and children, but writing about me is new (and a bit scary, but hey ho - time to take a risk).
I've been a primary teacher for a while now, but I started a new job last year as and outreach teacher which has turned my teaching practice around, and I feel I'm learning more than ever before.
I went to the Lothians Teach Meet earlier this week, and while I didn't meet half of the people I'd have liked to, it was a great experience - to feel part of a growing community of teachers trying to make a difference through sharing and discussion (online and off), and actually taking the reins to move CfE forward -  ultimately to try to do the very best for the children we teach.
So this blog is for me to share and evaluate what I've been up to, and to let you know how inspired I am by the children I teach.

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