Tuesday, 13 September 2011


It's been a tough couple of weeks. To be as diplomatic as I can, lets just say I've come up against a few barriers which I'm still pushing against, and I'm so frustrated. I could let these frustrations out on here, but that's not the point of this blog (my lovely colleagues have shouldered the brunt of my moans!)
So instead, I thought I'd look at some positives. If I keep a record of what's working well, maybe it will inspire me to keep pushing against those barriers. I also thought if I take photos of my work, it'll make it easier to write a post around the picture - although sometimes I think a picture might do the talking.

I've recently started working with a boy in p4. He was referred to our service due to his extremely challenging behaviour. He frequently runs from class, hides, and has been very violent. Here he is, making some music using a great website called incredibox. This activity was to engage and calm him, after the very exciting occasion of setting up his own time out tent. I'm using a new resource with him which is being piloted at the moment, called 'Emotions Talk'. The Emotions Talk activities include labelling emotions as they happen, with the aid of visual cues, and you can see the cards for 'good feeling' and 'calm' in front of him. Then he chose to listen to some music, and he browsed through my itunes collection. He has great taste - looking through some of my old house tracks, he had a preference for Kerri Chandler which of course pleased me greatly, though not as much as how well he was able to use the new vocabulary he's learning. It was one of those fantastic lessons where you can almost hear things clicking into place. More like this before I kick something please.

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